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XSite Pro in Taiwan

Taiwan is the latest country where MOBA AG has introduced their 3D XSite Excavator control system to support companies working more efficiently and more accurately, - saving money, time, and rework.

Xsite allows your team to program every dig in 2D and 3D applications, reducing up to 90 percent of the surveying work on your site. With MOBA you’re equipped with full visibility into depth, height, inclination, and bucket position. Each dig. Every time. For any machine.

The Taiwanese company JFCC works on a project in the south of Taichung City to build a new water reservoir with a timeline of over 5-6 years.

JFCC works with over 12 excavators and more than 20 trucks to ensure fast and efficient dig out. In total, the project compromises the creation of 3 lakes whereas the bottom must be filled with 3 layers of material. The first layer is sand with a height of approximately 80 cm. The second layer is small rocks with sizes between 3-5 cm with an average height of 60 cm and the third layer of another 60 cm with big rocks sized between 10-15 cm.

JFCC put the distribution of material to the test. They used a strip of 400 meters, whereas 200 meters were filled and leveled in a traditional way and 200 meters were being processed using MOBA Xsite Pro on their excavator.

Traditionally means that first a surveyor was employed to stake out the needed height for each material (sand, small rock & big rock). Afterward, the operator was using an excavator to follow the stakes of the surveyor to bring the material to grade and level.

The second strip of 200 meters needed no surveyor but only MOBA Xsite Pro system installed on an excavator and processing needed tasks by moving independently.

The result of the difference of both strips are significant:

MOBA Xsite Pro performed the task in half the time with more precise finishing, meaning that the operator was able to exploit the height tolerance at a minimum level.

Why is this so important?

Especially in large projects saving (even up to) 1cm of the material makes a huge cost difference. Imaging the distribution of material for a given land size of 100000m². Every additional centimeter would equal the use of 100 tones of additional material and connected costs.

With XSite Pro you can not only work faster yet also more efficiently by cutting operational costs and costs of material.

Thank you very much to Yuan and his team for the feedback and pictures.



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