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Succces Story of Zeigner Bohrtechnik in Germany

Bastian Zeigner operates the family business in the second generation. He is one of the few drilling experts in Germany who specialized in Furukawa machines. In his career, he has delivered and set up more than 30 Drilling machines. In addition, Bastian Zeigner is also a pioneer when it comes to selling and supporting MOBA 2D and 3D Drilling systems.

Mister Zeigner, being the face to the customer supported MOBA on developing missing features and thus supported the perfection of our MDS drilling systems.

As well as MOBA, Zeigner Bohrtechnik puts a high value on customer satisfaction and customer support.

The pictures below show a MOBA 2D & 3D extension on a Furukawa type 1800 machine. The pictures are taken in Passau where the machine supports granite mining.


MOBA offers Drilling hang-on systems for every machine type. MOBA offers a broad range of systems from basic leveling and depth to full 3D appliances. Especially MOBA and the OEM Furukawa have a fruitful partnership that allow end-customer to upgrade their existing Furukawa machine with 2D and 3D based on pre-existing MOBA components on most of Furukawa machine types.

With MOBA’s drilling system, your Team can prepare your blast with precisely measured, uniform drill holes and immediately increase your cost efficiency. Save yourself time-consuming manual measurements and drill parallel holes of the same depth and angle in just a few simple steps with the assistance system. The optimum blast will determine the size of the rocks and thus will have a direct impact on productivity. For example, small rocks can be fed directly into the crusher and thus be prepared for selling. Bigger rocks need to be crushed again and slow down the process of productivity while increasing costs of fuel, staff, and wear and tear of machinery.

Comment Basti Zeigner

"I have been working with MOBA for many years and I especially like their fast and effeicient support. MOBA Drilling systems support my customer to incresae their productivity and save money and time on the job."

MOBA AG is proud to work closely with a drilling expert like Bastian Zeigner. MOBA is looking forward to many years of partnership and projects together with Zeigner Bohrtechnik.

More Infos and contact for Zeiger Bohrtechnik can be found here: ZEIGNER ZHD BOHRTECHNIK – ZEIGNER ZHD BOHRTECHNIK ist Ihr Spezialist für Bohrwagen, Bohrtechnik und Bohrwerkzeuge für Wiesbaden, Limburg, Frankfurt, Taunus und Rhein-Main und ganz Deutschland (

More Infos on MOBA Drilling systems can be found here: Machine Control for Drilling Piling operations better quality and less works in Quarries and Minings (

Interested in our 3D:


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