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LEVEL, DISTANCE, HEIGHT, QUOTA, DIGITAL MODEL, 2D, 3D, COORDINATES, CONTROL OF MACHINES: What do they mean and what is the relationship between all these keywords? # PART 0

We often talk about these issues, but several people do not know exactly what they are and what the relationship between them and the intelligent machine control is. Or, in reality, the automatic level control systems of heavy machinery applied in civil construction, agriculture, mining, ... among other possible and imaginary applications, where it is necessary to automatically control a certain horizontal or vertical reference and with the use of electro-hydraulic machines.

In fact, as I strongly believe that it is critical to better clarify this topic, I have decided to publish this BLOG, which will be divided in several parts. First things first, I will start with the "principle of the question" (what is a level?), going through the various fields and using various instruments, reaching the fundamental point,this being the Machine Control and the solutions that MOBA develops, manufactures and offers to the market.

The use of Machine Control is growing more and more among contractors who notice the need for greater productivity on work sites when excavating, grading, dredging, piling, etc...

Machine Control reduces time and eliminates the need for costly engineering works. As a result, Health and Safety is greatly improved as the need for people physically on site is reduced. Furthermore, accuracy is improved when the solution is placed directly on the machine, which helps operators in moving land faster and for longer as well as operating costs are in turn lowered as machinery is on site for less time.

On the other hand, with Machine Control Systems, knowledge is power. All crew members and machinery on the construction site can do more with the visibility and ease of use of these Machine Control Systems. In the world of Civil Engineering and site prep, machine control is used to accurately position heavy equipment thus aiding machine operators to control the position of a road grader's blade or bucket. Whether it is grade control for skid steers, front end loaders, blades or excavators, we have equipment that can help customers save time and increase accuracy, which improves profitability many times over. Increase Productivity, Save Fuel by Reducing Passes to Get to Grade, Save Materials Through Greater Vertical Accuracy, Eliminate Rework by Getting it Right the First Time, Complete Products Faster Ahead of Schedule, Eliminate Machine Completely from Certain Types of Jobs, Eliminate Most Survey and Layout Costs, Reduce Cost Overall, and Bid More Competitively with a Machine Control System.

The target and the beauty of machine control is that it makes inexperienced operators good, and good operators even better, improving project quality .  Industry experts agree: as a tool on the hands of all types of operators, technologically advanced machine control is providing greater efficiencies and safety measures with features that offer a more fast-paced return on investment (ROI).

2D Machine control is being used more and more to accurately position earthwork machinery. Machines such as motor graders, dozers, excavators, can be assisted to more efficiently cut and fill to grade with MOBA machine control.

3D Machine control works by the principle of using 3D design models and GPS receivers or total station to aid machine operators. 3D systems use advanced technology such as GNSS and total station coupled with sensors to work out relative positions of the machine attachments and to compare with the digital design model on the computer/display to compute a depth of cut or fill. The operator is supported through intuitive, clear presentation of information on the display unit in real time.  3D design models are part of the project documentation supplied by the project designers and project management. 

Different types of machines are used in earthmoving tasks. In the last 25 years, the effort in developing automated control systems for machinery has been constantly increasing. One of the most important prerequisites for this regeneration is the development of 3D measurement technology. With the aid of robot Tacheometers/Total Stations, mobile machines can today be positioned with a high degree of accuracy. Using the RTK-GNSS measuring method it is also possible to achieve comfortable dynamic positioning accuracy. Again, real-time connections to the design phase and models are at present. Today, 3D design models can be used directly in dimension and control measurement tasks on site. In the near future the aim is to connect design models directly to the control of the machines, with BIM (Building Information Modeling).

Moreover, around the world, automated control systems have been studied and developed for very different machines and working methods. Mostly, the role and task of these control systems is to aid the operator as well as measure and document the work.

Please do not miss the next parts of this publication, as they have important information.

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