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MDS-1000 - a simple yet effective Drilling Solution

With MOBA’s MDS-1000 drilling system, you can prepare your blast with precisely measured, uniform drill holes and immediately increase your cost efficiency. Save yourself time-consuming manual measurements and drill absolutely parallel holes of the same depth and angle in just a few simple steps with the assistance system.


Thanks to exceptional modularity, you can also benefit from cost- and time-efficient upgrades from a varied selection of additional components. As a basic system, the MDS-1000 is equipped with the most important features and is particularly convincing on account of its user-friendliness. With the ergonomic MOBA wheel, which can also be easily operated with gloves, you simply select the desired function. Thanks to the real-time visualization of the depth, a number of rods, and the ACTUAL and TARGET inclination of the drill arm, you always have an overview of the current situation.

Is your machine suitable for a competitive yet simple technology upgrade? Please watch the video below to determine whether the Depth Sensors can be mounted to your machine.




If you think your machine is suitable to be upgraded to a MOBA MDS 1000 machine control - contact your local MOBA dealer.

Please contact us for any further questions and/or comments.

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