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XSite 3D Service and Support Success Story


A MOBA Australia Customer trialed an XSITE 3D system back in February 2020.

After working with our competition for many years, The customer decided to try something new.

Just a few months later, our customer went on to purchase 3 systems. Due to unmatched support and system performance - this month they purchased another 2 systems.

Plant manager Tim managed to install both systems himself without MOBA visiting the job site.

The customer has 15 plus systems of our competition and says the performance, ease of use, and support from MOBA makes the Xsite Pro system an easy choice moving forward. 

Our Success strategy - Deliver the best Service and Support possible for every one of our customers!


MOBA XSITE 3D - the customer-oriented Earthmoving solution


Alex_Wahlmann 27.06.2020 0 3359
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