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MOBA GS506 Double Laser Leveling System

End-user: Shandong Juancheng Highway Bureau Tongda Luqiao Engineering Company 

 Site address:Heze Shandong

 In response to the transformation of national shanty towns and old urban areas, Shandong Juancheng Highway Bureau Tongda Luqiao Engineering Company improved the old subgrade construction mode and introduced MOBA GS506 double laser leveling system during the construction process. And become the leader of digital construction.


 The length of the experimental section is 100 meters, the transverse gradient is 1.5%, and the longitudinal gradient is 0.219%. The grader driver actually only has 3 months’ driving experience and completely meet the construction requirements with the use of GS506 leveling system.


shuwang 11.05.2018 0 3978
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