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MOBA 3D-matic to improve the quality of construction in China


Jiqing highway is 318 kilometers long. It is now the busiest highway in Shandong province of China. Traffic pressure is large, traffic jam often happens and sometimes even for two or three hours. The current two-way four lane cannot meet the needs. The construction is to expand and upgrade the Jiqing highway, and will be the first highway from two-way 4 Lane to two-way 8 Lane in Shandong, also the only highway with the longest rebuilt mileage and maintain a two-way traffic.


 30th March, 2018


Mr. Jiwei Sun, the head of the Jinan Tongda Highway Engineering Co., Ltd., said, "the grader 3D GNSS automatic control system improved our efficiency. With this system, we can upgrade our existing construction technology, remove the traditional construction methods such as pile driving, dense points and so on, improve the quality of construction, which can also save the labor intensity of our surveyors and save time and money" when he summed up the changes brought by MOBA 3D-matic technical advantages to their company.



       What customer uses is MOBA 3D-matic GNSSS system, which measures and records the height and position of the blade by GNSS antenna fixed on the mast with high precision and then compares the measured data to design drawings in the operation panel and transfers the difference after comparison to GS506 system to control the blade of grader.



       After using MOBA 3D-matic in the construction, the customers' on-site surveyors survey the site, and tolerance is 1.5cm, which is able to meet the construction requirements of customers. Whatever is the working condition and road surface, curved surface, plane and slope are all formed once.


       Thanks to the German 3D Product Manager Jörg Schittenhelm, under his on-site guidance, MOBA Dalian engineers overcome a lot of difficulties and finally succeeded in testing and lay a solid foundation for MOBA 3D-matic to enter the Chinese market.



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