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Pakistan PKM—4 section grader GS506 single laser leveling system


With the promotion of strategy of "One belt one road" Silk Road Economic Belt, infrastructure along the country is also developed, the construction of a highway network as economic ties are also carried out like a raging fire.


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with single step”. The “base”, as the foundation of a highway, the quality of the base has been paid more and more attention by the highway construction unit and the supervision at all levels. This time, in the construction of Karachi Expressway in Peshawar, Pakistan, the seven branch of China Hydropower overseas branch broke the Convention, and introduced the automatic MOBA GS506 single laser leveling system, which abandoned the previous manual operation of grader.


The longitudinal and lateral gradient of the construction section are input into the laser emission source, and the position of the laser receiver is adjusted well. The manipulator will set the lateral gradient of the operation panel to be consistent with laser emission source, and do zero clearing of the laser sensor value on the operation panel. Then, measure the difference between blade and high-rise of design by leveling instrument and input the difference into the operation panel. Then it is up to manipulator to open the automatic switch and keep the grader move forward stablely.




Several large area construction tests were carried out during the service this time.


TIME26th Jan. 2018


PLACEPakistan PKM—4 setion 560+500------560+675  width 34M


Lateral gradient 2.00%  Longitudinal gradient1.039%




After three hours of work, automatic leveling construction finished. According to the actual measurement of the surveyors, the lateral gradient is 2.10%, the longitudinal gradient is 1.049%, and the construction technology is fully met, and the error is within the millimeter level. The builders have a lot of praise. The constructors speak highly of it.


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