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MOBA Supports Corporate Design

MOBA’s signature yellow can be seen on many products and many machines. However, some customers ask to have products made by MOBA to be customized to their own specifications, such as colors and design. With MOBA’s flexible development and production facilities, it’s possible to meet these special requests. MOBA products are often adapted to the corporate design of machine manufacturers. We’re happy to work with our customers to enable them to build and design their machines that meet their corporate design needs and match their branding specifications.


Sonic sensor in red

So, what does this look like?
-    Colors: the core color(s) that are used to create a visual brand.
-    Logo: the most visible and identifiable mark of a company that people can easily recognize.
-    Typeface: the various fonts that are used in official company assets.
-    Copy: special terms and words that are used regularly.
-    Design grid: logo placement and size, font sizes, column width, image sizes.
-    External presentation: booths, stores, and showrooms are designed in a cohesive design.

Source: Dynapac GmbH

All this is part of corporate branding, which in turn is part of the corporate identity and personality. It includes how the company views itself and wants to be seen by others.

MOBA is a firm believer in supporting the corporate identity of our customers and we work to enable them to fully incorporate our products and solutions into their overall corporate identity. So if you’re looking to install MOBA products, our team would love to walk you through the options avaialble to support your brand. While we love yellow, our products can be made to match your needs.

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