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MOBA-matic II - A02 cross operation

What does cross operation mean?

By using the cross operation mode on your MOBA-matic II-A02 (for example on the right side of the screed), you are able to have a view on the MOBA-matic II-A02 on the left side and you even the possibility to operate it. This idea of one-man-operation originates from the integrated systems of several Paver manufacturers.

This picture shows the cross operation mode on the MOBA-matic II display


How to use the cross operation?

To use the cross operation function, it is required, that both sides of the machine are equipped with a MOBA-matic II-A02 controller fully wired. Means, that both control loops of the controllers are connected. Now your local MOBA Dealer is able to unlock the cross operation function and you can start to use it.

Possible system configurations:




Application – when and where do I use the cross control function?

Imagine you just started to pave a road. You have one worker on each side of the machine, controlling the MOBA-matic and doing his daily work. As you know, it can happen that one of them has to leave his workspace. Reasons for this may be a manual repair of the already paved road, an understaffing on another workspace or simply a break to visit the toilet.

So your colleague on the left side of the screed stops to do some rework on the paved road – his side is actual unoccupied, but the pavement is still in process. His MOBA-matic II operates in automatic mode, so there is usually no reason for a manual regulation. His side is leveling with a Sonic Ski PLUS to copy the evenness of the curb onto the road, running straight towards a bus stop. A bus stop often has a little bit higher curb as you are actually copying so the worker normally would switch off the automatic mode until the paver passes the bus stop. This action makes sure, that the levelling controller does not try to copy the higher curb – that would course an uneven road.

With the cross control function, you now have the possibility to control the other side of the screed very easily and switch off your colleagues automatic function. Otherwise you´d have to go or run to the other side and switch it off which always means a higher risk for you and other colleagues working at or on the screed.

Please have a look at the following video to see, how easy it is to use the cross operation:

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