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MOBA-matic II Hydraulic settings
This is to show how simply it is to calibrate the hydraulic cylinders (screed) of a paver to the MOBA-matic II levelling Controller.
In case your machine has been delivered with the MOBA-matic II levelling system, the manufacturer presumably already has commissioned the machine and adjusted the Controller parameters to the valves and the machine’s hydraulics ex works.
If the system has been installed later, the controller parameters must be adjusted to the valves and the machine’s hydraulics during this procedure.
MOBA-matic 2MOBA-matic II levelling controller

At first, you must install the system on the paver via the 10pin connector. Immediately after starting the ignition of the paver, the MOBA-matic II levelling controller starts with a displayed power-on message for approx. 4 seconds.

If any of the digital controller’s keys is pressed during this message, the version numbers of the used software appear on the display for approx. 4 seconds.
Then the side detection is displayed for approx. 4 seconds; i.e. a red arrow on the display shows on which machine side the MOBA-matic II is connected.
If the sensor that has been worked with is still connected, the display switches to the working window.


Power on message


Preparatory Actions:

• Start the engine and bring the hydraulic pressure up to operating temperature and have the motor run at a high rotation speed (> idle running)
• Place a reference behind the screed with your desired layer thickness, for example squared timber (see picture below)
• Set down the screed on your reference
• Activate the swim position of the screed



Screed wood

Hight reference for the start 


Set up:
• Switch MOBA-matic controller with the Auto/manual key into the “Manual” operating mode
• Run cylinder with Up or Down keys into the centre position to have a sufficient lift on both sides
  for the Setting
• Enter the parameter menu
• Change with function key F2 to menu “Min. pulse Raise” (Factory setting is 50msec.)
• Change with function key F2 to menu “Min. pulse Lower” (Factory setting is 50msec.)
• Now press Up and Down key at the same time to activate alternating valve triggering
• The raising and lowering hydraulic valves are alternately controlled with the set pulse times.
  This is shown by the LED arrow with changing Up and Down
• Press function key F1 for returning to the “Min. pulse Raise” menu item
• Raise the value with the Up key (or possibly with Down) until the cylinder in the upward Motion
is moved by 1 mm per pulse
• Press function key F2 for returning to the “Min. pulse Lower” menu item
• Raise the value with the Up key (or possibly Down) until the upward/downward motion is in balance, this means no longer moves off in one direction. Instead of the upward/downward motion by 1 mm per pulse, the   hydraulic design may then result in the cylinder also being motionless
• Terminate the hydraulic control by again simultaneously pressing the Up and Down key or automatically by quitting the Parameters.


Interested in more Information about MOBA-matic II ? Follow the links below:


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