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MOBA PAVE-IR and MCA-3000 help Sany to complete the construction of Nanjing section of Li Gao expressway successfully


Place: Nanjing section of Li Gao expressway in Jiangsu

Time: From April to August



With PAVE-IR intelligent paving temperature management system installed in the paver of Sany,  it can record the temperature change in the process of feeding, distributing and paving, record the paving speed, width and the climate information such as air temperature and humidity, and realize the remote monitoring and data updating.

Sany double drum roller is equipped with MCA3000 compaction auxiliary system, which realizes multi machine linkage and data sharing functions, effectively avoids under pressure and over pressure, and better ensures the compaction effect of the road surface. At the same time, it records the driving speed, track, times of vibration pressure and static pressure, temperature and other related information.






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14.08.2020 (1441 days ago)
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