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MOBA’s headquarters modernization almost completed

What’s new at MOBA in Limburg? The outside of the headquarters is getting a face-lift. Higher energy-efficiency and a more modern look led to the decision to modernize the headquarters in Germany.

The picture shows the insulation and the substructure for the façade.

The modernization was not an easy undertaking considering environmental and energy-efficient requirements. During this modernization, the old façade, with a size of altogether 650m2 was getting isolated with a special insulating material which is ecologically certified. The 160mm thick façade insulating panels are made of mineral fiber and ensure a ventilated façade.
The façade itself consist of 3mm aluminum elements which are powder coated and gives the building a modern touch.

Furthermore, a windproof protection was installed and new outside aluminum blinds for sun and heat insulation during the summer months.

MOBA has always invested in continuous modernization of its facilities worldwide with the goal to provide excellent working conditions for its employees. Further various modernizations have been taken plalce during the last four years. For example, a new 1.800 square meter hall was built, where today many waste disposal vehicles are equipped with identification and weighing technology in a spacious hall with all necessary equipment. Furthermore, the complete reconstruction of the electronics manufacturing offers a state of the art manufacturing complex with superior standards for electronic parts and components. Short distances and new, comfortable workplaces with the latest equipment characterize MOBA’s manufacturing today.

In addition, several office spaces have been remodeled to guarantee best working conditions. All these improvements are part of a comprehensive modernizing plan and soon, when the renovation of the façade will be completed, MOBA in Germany will shine with a new “shining light”,  highly visible from Interstate A3 between Frankfurt and Cologne! 

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