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Modular Concept for Mobile Machines - an introduction by Boris Zils

The automation of aerial work platforms consists of very complex processes and must meet strict safety requirements. The idea is that the maximum capacity of the machine can be exploited while the safety is ensured at the same time.

This means that the aerial platform can load the maximum weight and maximum extension span and, yet the safety of personnel and the machine is guaranteed. Therefore, a sophisticated, highly complex control concept is necessary, which allows for the various functions, such as the control of the outriggers, the secure extension of the arm and the basket and the storage of various operating modes such as: standard mode, tunnel ride and emergency operation.

This requires a reliable, functional and designed for outdoor use control panel, allowing the operator to control the various functions easily. According to the different machine models, extension length and allowed load limits, the controller and the HMI must be adapted to the respective machine model. This means in general long development times, until a system is ready for sale.

MOBA has created the solution: The modular product platform, allowing to pick and choose from a variety of proven controllers, HMIs and sensors.

These are the highlights:

Configurable Design: This includes the individual design of the control unit: With the modular configurable operating unit HMImc, different modules can flexibly be combined: keyboard modules with 9 or 16 buttons and LED indicators, display modules or joystick modules.

Joystick Options: Joystick modules come in a lockable and non-lockable version. The non-contact operation of the joystick can be easily replaced without the entire operating unit has to be dismantled.

Customizable Features: The keys of the keyboard module can be modified to the desired functions. All modules are available with a highly customizable slide.

An additional emergency stop can be either attached to the side or integrated in one of the modules. The color graphic of the HMImc can be freely programmed with CoDeSys. This allows for individual adjustments done by the user.

Important for the operator is also the user friendliness of the display and information structure. The keyboard unit and the additional LEDs contribute to the intuitive capture of information. The information structure is set up in a way so that it makes all the necessary information intuitively available in real time.

Clear Menu Structure: The clear menu structure and color design lead the user's eye. Information is primarily displayed with standardized symbols in accordance with ISO 7000 and no longer with text passages.

Powerful Graphic Resolution: Graphics and animations, powered by a processor with cycle times running in the millisecond range, are displayed without delays. The display is easy to read even in bright sunlight.

Further advantages are that the HMImc can be flexibly designed, for example as one unit or as a three-unit or rail.

For mobile machines, which are transported and used outdoors, also shock and vibration resistance as well as protection against the ingress of water are essential. Therefore all MOBA components are protected by the robust housing and the special casting technique used for its electronics, to withstand external influences.

Did we get you interested? For further information and questions please contact Boris Zils.

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