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PAVE-TM – MOBA presents contact-free thickness measuring System at Bauma 2016

Currently, layer thickness is measured with a ruler and repeatedly controlled by a construction worker during the asphalt paving process. After each measurement, the layer thickness is re-adjusted. Measurement errors are then recognized and subsequently corrected, after the next measurement.

However, depending upon the regularity and accuracy in measurements, the results can drastically impact the road, thus effecting the whole construction project. MOBA has risen to this challenge and presents at Bauma 2016, for the first time, the patented layer thickness detection system, Pave-TM

(Hall A3, Booth 237).

#Contact free measurement

Equipping pavers with a sonic sensor on the tow arm and main screed for thickness measurement will increase paver efficiency and reduce asphalt costs immense. Both sensors measure within millimeter accuracy the ground in front of the screed, as well as the freshly laid asphalt behind the screed. A special algorithm calculates deviations of the reference layer’s thickness, showing real-time values on a display. For the first time, the ongoing, as well as automatic control of layer thickness, is made possible. By the use of real time value, deviations over screed control can be corrected and optimized.

#Calculation of asphalt volume

With an additional sensor, the temperature of the material on the auger can be measured and monitored. Two wire rope sensors record the position of the rollout screed pieces, calculating the exact screed width.

By an additional import of distance measurements through the paver distance signal or a combination of a GNSS antenna in combination with a vibration sensor, the volume of the laid material can be carried out. An estimate can then be made as to how much material was processed during installation, including material still needed to complete the job.

Two innovative and user-friendly color displays provide information about ongoing data like layer thickness, screed width, material volume and temperature. This allows for the operator to get an overview and take actions by informing others about asphalt material needed and installation speed. In addition, the optimized planning process reduces paver stops, increasing efficiency and reducing costs by optimizing material usage.

#Overview of benefits

Contact free layer thickness measurement

Measuring of temperature wherever it makes sense for you

Measurement of paved width

Plane and volume calculation

Forward-looking planning and process optimization in roll-out process

Enormous cost saving potential

We will gladly to advise you on operation of the new MOBA Thickness Measuring system!

For more information, please Contact me at

nikgiehl 30.03.2016 2 5221
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  •  nikgiehl: 
    hello Paolo,
    we also think that and have already great responses and our customers are looking forward for the final release!
    See you at BAUMA!
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  •  mountainpaolo: 
    hello Nik,
    this is something a lot of customer is asking for; really interesting!!
    I'm looking forward to meet you at Bauma to get more information about it.
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