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PAVE-TM - the worlds first automatic asphalt thickness measurement system

Germany, Bad Homburg, 6.00 am on the Autobahn A661

Layer Thickness Measurement System PAVE-TM

The workers are preparing the machine for the pavement of 6 km top layer. The screed is heated, the machine is positioned, leveling- and material sensors are installed. Today, the team is going to work with MOBA's PAVE-TM system for the first time.

After a brief introduction through our MOBA Service Team, mechanics and sensors are quickly installed on the machine. The paving team consists of workers with many years of professional experience, as well as young men who have just completed their education. The perfect mix of people for the introduction of a new system, because we are always striving to develop our systems for all ages.

“Everyone should be able to work with the system.”

We started with instructing the operating concept and the software architecture. The younger workers didn´t show any fear of contact and started to navigate through all the main menus, looked through the submenus and got to know the system very quickly. The more experienced workers were very skeptical and initially they didn´t really trust our new system.

We started with the paving process, configured the system together with the whole team. Afterwards, we simply gave everything in their hands. We quickly realized that there are different preferences in the basic view of the system. While one wants to see only the thickness of the layer, the other one is enthusiastic about our overview menu showing actual thickness, temperature, screed width and paved distance. It was like with all of our new system, workers need to get the confidence in reliability and accuracy. On the first kilometer, the thickness was measured with their manual tool they usually use.

The distance was checked with a distance wheel and the screed width was measured conventionally with a string. Their values matched with the values of our PAVE-TM System and after a short time, everyone started to trust in PAVE-TM. They started to lower the height of the screed to work in lower tolerance limits. The material calculation was also running and the values were compared with the incoming trucks in order to optimize the process. By displaying the actual asphalt temperature above the auger, the screed workers could communicate with the roller drivers to prevent from a too early or too late compaction of the fresh material.

After a few hours of installation the project was completed, the customer trusted the system and they will use it in their future projects.

Find more information on our PAVE-TM Layer Thickness Measurement Website.

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