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Pave-IR 2016 - The idea about Thermal Profiling spreads

Summing up 2015 I did a list of countries and markets where Pave-IR was introduced and used. For 2016 we could extend this list to some other countries but I would like to focus on the great fact, that we see Pave-IR and its Thermal Profiling capabilities being recognized as what it is meant to be:

a tool to help with processes A tool to optimize asphalt road construction processes overall

We did not only have lots of interesting jobsites the last year with Pave-IR. Furthermore, we learned much more about the importance of each single steps in the road construction processes. Small jobs and highway jobs (no matter what size they are) show very interesting insights to the asphalt processes with the help of a detailed Thermal Profile. Not only the temperature itself but also the planning, the infrastructure of the jobsite, logistics, weather, trucks and machinery on site:
All these parts deliver important parameters which have influence on the result and quality of the final road.

finished road

In 2016 more and more construction companies and authorities began to work with the data. This is exactly the right way to get as much as possible out of this. Seeing this as a tool and working with the data. Especially on the long run. The more we learn by that the better we will improve the processes. First construction companies and authorities got this point. We will strengthen our efforts to spread the know-how and experience of Thermal Profiling MOBA gained throughout the last years and I am confident that this will be one of the steps to help building better roads. In parallel we will work on other important steps as well. All together this will lead to something we call:
MOBA Intelligent Paving

Let us work on the future with today’s technologies.

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