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Pave-IR [ES] - Thermal profiling in Spain

Impressions from a beautiful country with nice people, good feedback and a system that offers a whole new view to the process of road construction.

I am happy to make these experiences and share them to help improving road quality. 

Another great example for a market adopting and using new technologies for themselves.


A nice place to pave.


Ria de Pontevedra in sight.

People visiting and a colleague explaining Pave-IR.


Preparing the next run.


Having great presentation and talking with Spain/Galicien road authorities who like to use Pave-IR data to improve the asphalt process on the long-run.



Thanks to Rafa Naranjo and Cristóbal Ramirez for their superb work, effort and preparation.

mwatermann 31.05.2017 1 2084
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  •  cristobal-ramirez: 

    It has been a pleasure to participate and receive the help of Marcus.

    We will continue in our daily work promoting the system.


    Again thank you and we are at your disposal for everything we can be useful.

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