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Quality is when the customer comes back – not the product

No matter if it is an engineering company, consumer goods or technology industry –the customer’s satisfaction is crucial for all companies’ long-term success. To achieve satisfaction in a target group, not only the product quality, but also the personal relationship between vendor and customer are essential factors.

So what exactly does quality mean? The first step to realize quality is to determine the customer’s demands. The second step is to transfer these demands to the product and the following step is in fact to manufacture this product.

Quality Management
Now if you want to achieve a quality improvement, you have two choices:
Either to improve the determining of the customer’s demands or to improve the product realization processes.
Both are parts of quality management, which has proven an important theme because it helps avoid errors. And in the end it is cheaper to avoid errors then to fix them after the production process is completed. Quality management opens a way to minimize cost, which in today’s economy is more essential than ever.

Continuous Improvement Process
The PDCA-cycle explains the continuous improvement of quality relevant processes:

This circle visualizes that CIP (Continuous Improvement Process) is a way of never ending, steady improvement in many steps. It means that it is a continuous search for improvement potential and it refers to product, process as well as service quality. And always the whole team is part of this process, as it affects all departments and all levels.

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