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Slip form paver equipped with MOBA Matic II in Japan

Below you see a slip form paver equipped with 4* MOBA Matic II using four single Ski’s and 2 slope sensors. For the setup that means that 2* MOBA Matic II are connected left and right in the front as well as in the back using the slope sensor as connecting interface.

This slip form paver is the first slip form paver in Japan equipped with MM2. The outcome of this project was very satisfying and JEMCO has proven to one of their biggest customer that MOBA Matic 2 enables high quality pavement also for slip form pavers. The project was located in the centre of Japan for the construction of a new highway. The challenge of this project was that most of the pavement has been done underground in a tunnel - however no problem for our Moba Matic 2 because unlike Moba Maitc 1, the new controller offers backlights for buttons as well as a high resolution screen to show values sharp also under dark conditions.

The setup of grade_grade_slope for back and front enables the customer to recognise any change of slope and height at the same time. The set up shows how convenient the length of our cables enable the contractor to place all 4*MOBA Matic II next to each other to have all “displaying values” in one sight. (Picture above)

Comment Jemco:

“Our end customer was very satisfied with MOBA gear and will continue to use MOBA for all future projects. He especially complimented the ease of use of the system and the smooth operation. In earlier days the end customer used 4 mechanical sensors which made a change of height very difficult as four man had to change the height on the paver manually. Now the adjustments can be done from only 1 person at the back of the paver – saving of human resource and a lot of headache. Thank you MOBA”

(Shiro Yoneshige, Sales and Quality manager at JEMCO)

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  •  dlad: 
    Great work. We have same query received from end user so can you please send me more photos on mail
    It will really very helpfull for us.
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  •  lduchscherer: 
    Thank you for this great work, thank you Jemco
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