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Software Update GDC-800 via USB flash drive

Software updates and added features have been mainly uploaded in the past through OEM service technicians directly at the customer site. This has been time-consuming and costly. Service technicians had to see one customer at a time and upload changes and features onto each individual machine. This required specific route planning in order to be efficient and cost-effective.

MOBA solved this problem by offering the following solution:

Software features of the GDC-800 can now be uploaded via USB flash drive. Thus, there is no need to use a laptop for uploads anymore. End users instead receive a USB flash drive with the corresponding software from their manufacturer. The USB flash drive will be simply connected via a port connection to the display module. No menus or parameters have to be selected – features will be uploaded automatically and safely. It is also advantageous that a variety of other file types can be on the USB flash drive. These are not touched while uploading the features.

How the software configuration will look for each customer, needs to be decided by the customer and the manufacturer – which makes the system very flexible.

Here at MOBA, we see this development as a great step towards increased customer-orientation and customer satisfaction.

For further information, please contact our MOBA team.

Sebastian_Boe 17.08.2016 0 2539
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