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Safety Components for Mobile Elevating Work Platforms

We regularly come across articles on accidents around working platform areas. Unfortunately, all too often, human life is in danger or lost. How can we avoid such situations or rather prevent them?

Through many years of know-how, MOBA has developed a safety system with various components. These components include e.g. slope sensors and load cells.

- Controller:

There are a few options to choose the right controller for your requirement. The robust and compact design of the MPC (Mobile Process Controller) allows for easy installation on the machine. The controllers have CAN interfaces and an ingress protection of IP67.

- Slope sensor:

Depending on the vehicle type and design, different slope sensors may be used with corresponding requirement for the chassis, the booms and the platform. These slope sensors prevent the tilting of the vehicle while in operation.

- Load cell:

MOBA uses the MRW (moment-independent redundant load cell) as load cell. This load cell is the only connection between the working platform and the boom. Based on the special structure of the load cell – as the name suggests – the weight will be given momentum independently (weight compensation with lever arm-effect). There is no risk that the end user can manipulate the load, but it is nevertheless very easy to calibrate the system.

- HMI:

With the HMI (Human Machine Interface), MOBA offers different variations. At the chassis you can use e.g. a single unit with six keys and emergency stop as an outrigger operation unit. On the working platform you have the option between a triple unit with joystick-, keypad- and display modules or a MCP. The variety of the modularity (HMImc) has hardly any limits.

For more information about the modular concept and the MCP, click the following links:

- Wire rope sensor:

The housing of the wire rope sensor consists of a high-performance plastic. The sensor works very precisely and with superior resolution. The measuring cable inlet has a dust wiper which prevents dirt getting inside the wire rope sensor. The simple design allows for easy mounting.

- Pressure sensor:

MOBA uses industrial pressure transmitter with a pressure range of 0…..250bar. These transmitters have a high resolution and work in a temperature range of -40°C…..+125°C.

- Measuring system for length:

With the DSM-500 (Dual-Sonic-Meter System), MOBA offers a contactless measuring system for length. For example, this system can be used for measuring the outriggers of a truck. The DSM-500 has many advantages compared to the wire rope sensor – contactless measuring, temperature stability for high accuracy, easy integration and service handling, and more.

Two examples to equip your trucks:

Despite of all safety components available, the operator cannot SOLELY rely on these components. Potential safety hazards as overload, pass over the angle of slope and other values still need to be controlled and checked manually by the operator.

For more information, please visit our website:

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