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Support through LEDs

In todays’ world, digitization is becoming increasingly popular, especially in mobile applications. Without doubt, digitization offers numerous advantages.

Especially in support cases, the so-called remote support offers a good possibility to support the user directly and quickly in case of problems and thus to reduce the downtime of the working platform to a minimum. An expert supports the operator via remote access. If the problem cannot be solved remotely, a service technician is informed right on the spot. He or she can then prepare himself / herself accordingly for the service assignment and bring the required material.

However, remote support is not always available.

Before digitization, during the development period of the MRW-Limit, MOBA had been thinking about how to best help manufacturers in the event of error.

The decision was made to use coloured LEDs to visualize the status of the load cell to the user.

The LEDs are not only helpful in the event of a fault, they are also very helpful for maintenance/service.

Green LED: Indicates that the MRW has voltage. When the LED flashes, it means that the software is active and the load cell is operating.

Orange LED: This LED is used to monitor the zero drift. If this LED is activated, the current weight is within the tare weight of +/- 15 kg.

Alarm LED: This LED flashes when the set payload is exceeded or the basket is in place and the load cell is unloaded. When the basket touches the ground, this is referred to as a touchdown alarm.

The positive feedback on the LEDs was so great that MOBA decided during the development of the MRW CAN to also implement LEDs and thus enable the customer to perform a quick analysis.

Due to the structural design, the MRW CAN has a total of 6 LEDs

The additional LEDs are required because the load cell transmits the weight value on 2 channels and each channel therefore requires the status displays.

The alarm and error LEDs have been combined in the MRW-CAN. If the red LED flashes, this means a touchdown alarm. If the red LED is permanently activated, the load cell has a system alarm and must be sent to MOBA for further analysis.


If you need any additional information about the MRW or the LED please feel free to contact me.

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