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The MOBA Project Management - Part 10

Part 10 - Target times

A template of a project structure plan (Gantt diagram) for each of the different product types is generated, which then must be copied and filled with target times. (Gantt diagram, see also The-MOBA-Project-Management-Part-3)

In the planning phase realistic timings for processing work packages are determined by the department manager or the group leader - depending on the respective department’s structure - together with the planned resources (staff members). In our MOBA development, for example, we have nine development and engineering groups at our headquarters. Further groups are located at our branches worldwide.

To keep the work effort for the staff members or the time recording authorities as minimal as possible, creating acceptance and preventing rejection, the time settings for the work packages are granulated in man days.

Of course, the group leader / department manager may granulate the work packages‘ target times more subtile within his / her group / department. However, the granulation should not be coarser, since genuine planning then would not be possible anymore.

A future standardization or merging of time recording systems could bring further improvement and simplification here. When determining the target times, the MOBA group leader or project manager also consider the time required by the individual staff members for the daily line business; i.e. the capacity utilization with project work 100% - X%. We use for example a practical value off X = 20%.

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To be continued…

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