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The MOBA Project Management - Part 15

Project completion:

The project completion is confirmed by the customer as well as by MOBA AG (contractor) on a form, which is part of each target specification.

When the product reaches serial production status (production release request has been passed) the responsibility for the then completed product lies with a product manager to be determined and not with the project manager anymore.

At the project’s completion, the whole project team compiles and documents the Lessons Learned. The collected experience helps to avoid mistakes made before.

Final remarks:

By defining the procedures and processes in this description, and with their approval by the executive board, the first step to the project management’s integration into MOBA AG’s processes has been made.

It has been decided that the work package’s extent and organization is determined within the departments and that the recording of the resource’s actual time is carried out by the team leaders or the department managers. On the one hand, this enhances the logistic work effort, but, on the other hand, creates higher transparency and responsibility.

In addition, competency overlaps and conflicts of interest between the special departments and the project management can be avoided, since the managerial authority is still with the person responsible up to this point.

For practical realization, the team leaders or the department managers are primarily equipped with a web tool for working with the project management software. In case this procedure should not be practical or error prone, it should be reconsidered if all potential persons involved in the project or at least all members of the development department will be equipped with the web tool.

To which extent working with only one web tool per department would be possible for the other departments (besides development) would then have to be considered and discussed for each individual case in accordance with the respective department managers.


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