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The MOBA Project Management - Part 12

Budgeting / Cost controlling

Budgeting / cost controlling is not a project management task, but a controlling task. One of the tasks of project management, however, is the recording of one-time costs, that is, the recording of one-time costs such as for tools, production equipment, expenses for external service providers, and so on. Many project management tools make it possible to record one-time costs directly in the software. Alternatively, one-time costs can also be recorded in a separate Excel file. In the long term, we plan to record the one-off costs of the individual projects in the ERP software of MOBA AG via so-called cost units. An actual cost recording, consisting of services already rendered during the project and one-off costs incurred so far, can be carried out quickly and easily with each of the alternatives described.


If necessary, the tasks and priorities are reassessed and defined, from the overall project to the individual work packages of the employees. However, such changes may only be the exception in the event of exceptional events, as they not only affect the individual project, but can also affect parallel projects in multi-project management. Changes in the priorities can only be made by the development manager in coordination with the project management and in written form (verifiable).

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To be continued…

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