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The MOBA Project Management - Project planning tools

MOBA Project Management started in 2009. At that time, we decided to use Microsoft Project to plan the projects. This Project at that time is made up of several parts. The centre of the whole is the Project Server. This is where all the data is stored, which can be accessed in different ways depending on the role in the company.
The MOBA project managers use Microsoft Project 2007, which is installed locally on their computers. Projects are planned with this and are not initially stored publicly on the Project Server. The planned project is only published by the project manager when a concrete product development is started. Only then is the project planning data "visibly" available to all team members. For the team members and other stakeholders, Microsoft Office Project Web Access is then available for accessing the project planning. This is a personalised web interface that is called up via Internet Explorer.

2007?     Internet Explorer?     We are in the year 2021!

That's right, we are in the year 2021. No one uses Internet Explorer any more and support for Microsoft Project 2007 has long since been discontinued. Until recently, however, the old system still worked adequately. Also thanks to our IT, which keeps the old server environment alive. But it is now time to look for something new.

The MOBA Project Management is currently testing Microsoft Project for the web. This is an app that belongs to the Microsoft Power Platform and can be integrated into Microsoft Office 365. With a corresponding licence extension, the MOBA project managers can plan projects online in Project for the Web. No matter on which PC. No matter in which web browser. The project plans created can be linked to Office 365 groups and integrated into Microsoft Teams. The name of the project plan is based on the project name in the project proposal and/or the associated product name, followed by the project number.

Speaking of Teams. For each new project approved by the board and projected by MOBA Project Management, the responsible project manager creates a Team in Microsoft Teams. The name of the Team is identical to the previously mentioned name of the project plan. This results in a clear assignment. Within the project Team, 2 additional channels are created by default:

Channel "Requirements Specification":
This channel is used for team communication on the requirements specification.

For joint work on the requirements specification, it should be saved in the channel.

Channel “Minutes and Project Plan”:
This channel is mainly used to publish the Project for the web project plan and to store meeting minutes,
which are increasingly kept in OneNote and are thus available to all team members at any time.

In the coming months, the MOBA Project Management will further validate Project for the web. One interesting point will be whether the use of Power BI can provide feedback on the work done by the team members. Furthermore, information from Project for the web should be visible to everyone. Regardless of whether you belong to the team or not. We will keep you up to date on this!


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