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Tunisia - Highway Project

The proposed project consists of:

• improvement of about 275 of primary and secondary roads serving the southern hinterland of Tunis and the coastal region of Hammamet, one of Tunisia's most important          tourist areas. Here for the road construction company bought new levelling equipment the MOBA BIG SONIC SKI for the BOMAG Paver to receive a perfect an smooth              and evenness asphalt surface of the road.  Here we were at the coastal region  rout between Korba Menzel and Temime

• reconstruction of 51 bridges and culverts, mainly in northern and central Tunisia.     

• resurfacing and rehabilitation of about 1,920 km of paved roads throughout the country. 

• and consulting services for reinvestment studies for further road improvements and for assistance in construction supervision, implementation of the highway maintenance          program, improvement of transport coordination and a study of road transport regulations and road user charges.



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