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Unique finds at MOBA – the ‚Super-Level‘

Within 45 years of MOBA history there are quite some systems that have either accumulated over the years or find their way back to us in a number of ways. 

So it came, that lately we received this great piece from the mid-80s – and it is still working!  The ‘Super-Level’ is an electronic spirit level, which has been built upon an individual request by one customer. By that time, the electronic spirit level could not be bought commercially yet. For this reason, we produced a small amount of 100 pieces.

It was used in road construction to determine the grade of the paved asphalt. The exact value was then shown on its display. Some of the technical specifications were a capacitive liquid sensor and a 9volt block battery as the power supply. 

When it comes to the production of technologies for the construction sector, it has always been important to adapt it to special conditions. Exposed to extreme heats, for example, it was essential to use the right sensor and material. For this reason, the scale is made out of wood to protect the sensor from the heat rising from the hot asphalt when freshly laid.  

This electronic spirit scale is just an example of how MOBA products have always been adapted to the surrounding they are exposed to. In 45 years of constant feedback from the market, a certain know-how has established itself that is invaluable for us today.  

Do you happen to have a MOBA system still in use that we might not even produce anymore? Tell us about your finds! We look forward to see one or another treasure from the very beginning again! 

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