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Which is the best mounting direction for the MRW?

New customers always ask the same questions: how should I mount the MRW?

Which mounting direction is ideal in reference to the working cage?

Most of the times the width of a working cage is larger than its depth. Therefore, it is recommended to place the MRW parallel to the working cage’s longer side.


The two key facts are:

1. The MRW is rather subjected to bending stress. The torsional moments in the contact surfaces of the screwed connections become less.

2. The variation of the torsional load when changing weight position in the working cage is minimized. This also results in lower stress on the screwed connections.


Not ideal:


When mounting the MRW, a focus has to be set on the screwed connection between the MRW and the cage’s mounting flange. The mounting pre-load and the tightening torque respectively have to be adjusted in such way that there is no shift in the fixing points. This way, a mounting influence on the MRW weight values is prevented.

MOBA recommends calculating the screwing situation according to VDI 2230. Because of the high-strength aluminum material and the prescribed screw depth, the MRW’s fastening screw threads can be regarded as nuts behind the clamping flanges. The tightness of the screws, the screw depth and further details are described in a special safety manual for MRW and its use at a working cage.

In this manual we recommend to countersink the MRW slightly and form-fit it into the mounting flange to enhance the safety at extreme torsional stress, e.g. with very large working cages.

In addition, the mounting flange has to be designed in a way that even at full load in the working cage the contact surfaces are not deformed and the weight value is not influenced. Given the situation that these mounting instructions are observed, the MRW can determine the weight value very precisely and compensate the influence of the leverage effect.

Do not hesitate to consult us before connecting our MRW to your working cage!

Thomas Kühr
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