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Why we are involved in the Smart City Concept?

The Smart City Concept is such an inspiring story. Making cities more sustainable, providing a better place to live in, and being environmental and energy efficient.”

What does that look like? What are some of the great features a Smart City has to offer?

  • Sensors that measure wind, traffic, air pollution and noise levels
  • Sensors to find vacant parking spots
  • Motion sensors to manage lightning requirements and save energy for public places
  • Fill level sensors for public waste containers to more efficiently plan pick-up and routing
  • Efficient routing systems for waste disposal and many more

MOBA has been working with the Smart City process since it started more than five years ago in Spain and we have put a good deal of effort in this area.

  • Beginning with the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona
  • Attending the Sabadell Smart Congress
  • Speaking at the Congress Andesco in Colombia, and exhibiting at several other conferences like the Greencities & Sostenibilidad.
  • Being a part of public-private partnerships as a key aspect in the Smart City development.

In this area, we cooperate closely with cities like Barcelona and the City of Sabadell, Spain, whom are pushing the Smart City Concept.

Together with 20 other technology companies, we are taking on the challenge of developing and innovating the City of Sabadell, and moving them towards becoming a Smart City. A log of twenty-six different projects has been defined; some are already complete, while others are in the development process with some part pending financial support. Actively, MOBA is involved in the development of two projects relating to the Waste and City Cleaning services.

Cooperation plays a huge role in Smart City Concepts since not one company can offer all the solutions for the variety of challenges that come along with creating a Smart City. MOBA also cooperates with other companies like Telefonica and Abertis, integrating their solutions to their Software Smart City Platforms.

Apps are an important part of the concept because the data itself does not have any value unless they are transferred into useful applications. There are already multiple apps available that citizens and municipalities use every day. For example, MOBA has a Smartphone app for the Android called #CitInApp. It is integrated with the Mawis U2.0 module of Incident Management for supervisors, inspectors, and operators of the City Cleaning and Maintenance team.

The Smart City Concept is a conglomerate of multi-facetted interests and partnerships with the ultimate goal to create sustainable cities for tomorrow. Considering that more than half of the population will live in cities by 2015, this is a concept that needs highest priority to succeed.

Do you live in a Smart City? Share your experience! Where do you you see the most benefits for citizens living in a Smart City?

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