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MCE our Australian distributor for Victoria and surrounding had their first demonstration days this year on April 16/17 in Melbourne and Daylesford. An approximate of 30 people attended the event, to see various systems installed and demonstrated on (heavy) machinery. MOBA ‘s portfolio was presented by our XSite series, GS506 + 3 D Matic extension for the Grader as well as levelling system and a kilver provided by our Sales office in India. The weather was supportive with sunshine in the morning and the execution of the event went fabulous.

The first half of the event was held at the MCE’s headquarter in Melbourne. Visitors had the chance to look at the production facilities of MCE as well as were able to try selected products on demo stations. In addition, Zoran (CEO and owner of MCE) greeted all guest and made sure everybody is well looked after in terms of food and drinks.

Daniel Ramondetta explains about the advantages of using an XSITE Excavator system from MOBA. We had an EASY- and PRO -system installed on a small excavator as well as as the XSITE PRO Advanced installed on a 40 tonne excavator.

The MOBA low cost Kilver together with MCE levelling system sparked a lot of interest among the visitors. In addition, the guest were able to attend various presentations from MCE, Theis and MOBA.

It was a really successful event that gave MOBA and the customer of MCE the chance to catch up on a personal level and share important industry discussions, inform about products and to get a feel what is needed by the local market. We would like to congratulate MCE for the successful event and hope it was not the last one. How important do you see the organization of local demonstration days in your markets?

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