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As you might have noticed, the MOBA Community appears in a new design. Since the latest update, it is even easier to find the right content you are looking for and to discover the full information range this blog provides you with!

The landing pages for each market (Road Construction, Earthmoving, Crane & Lifters and Waste Management) guide you through the latest activities and topics in the market. Use the tags to find the topic you are interested in, and always stay up to date with the most recent tag posts! 

Also, make use of our User Forums to get into lively discussions on technologies, industries or recent developments. If you need some support, don’t hesitate to post it in a forum! Within the savvy network of this Community, there will be someone who can help for sure!

Let’s bring this Community to life by voting, sharing and commenting on posts that you like or consider important, interesting or astonishing! 


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