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"Digital intelligence" pavement, miracle of ingenuity, quality on-site observation meeting of Zhejiang communications construction group Co.,Ltd.

In order to improve the quality management level and physical quality of highway asphalt pavement construction in Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang communications construction group Co.,Ltd. held an asphalt quality observation meeting at section tj03 of lin'an-jiande section of Linjin Expressway on the afternoon of June 29. As the leader of the global road leveling system, MOBADalianMobile Automation Co., Ltd. is honored to be invited to participate in this observation meeting. MOBA’s products were highly praised by most of the participants. MOBA products displayed at this meeting include:

MOBA 48 beam high precision BIG-SKI


MOBA 48 beam high precision BIG-SKI adopts MOBA unique high-frequency ultrasonic probe, cooperates with the visual graphic controller, and is connected with diamagnetic shielding cable to realize high-precision paving.

MOBA asphalt paving temperature management system- PAVE-IR

The MOBA PAVE-IR system is equipped with high-precision infrared probe, and cooperates with the weather station and GNSS antenna to determine the temperature segregation area, which can realize the remote monitoring function. It is a right-hand assistant for digital pavement construction management.

MOBA roller compaction system- MCA3000

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