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MOBA Dalian International Forum-“Made in China 2025 meets German Industry 4.0”

 On 28th November 2017, MOBA Dalian International Forum 2017 ——“Made in China 2025” meets “German Industry 4.0” held successfully by MOBA(DALIAN) automation mobile co., ltd. Dr.Holger Barthel, vice president of MOBA Germany,Prof.Dr.-Ing.Alfred Ulrich, the head of Cologne University of Applied Science, Zhandong Shen, vice general manager of SCMC, Hui Xu, vice manager of XCMG road machinery business department, Mr. Rene Galbavy, General Manager of Smart manufacturing centre of STAUFEN.SHANGHAI Consulting Academy Ltd and more than 50 domestic senior managers from domestic manufacturing enterprises communicate on “Made in China 2025, German Industry 4.0”and share many successful cases and advanced experience on topic of digital technology, construction machinery service4.0, intelligent manufacturing, lean production, paving and compaction technology.

Intelligent control and Internet      driven industry change and cooperation

 MOBA (Dalian) Automatic Control System Co. Ltd. general manager Ms. Sun Yuyuan said in her speech, in the global manufacturing era, manufacturing products are no longer limited to a certain country, through the application of intelligent control and the whole process of the Internet, the brand property which represents the quality is superior to the manufacturing site property. Germany and China are both big manufacturing countries. At similar time points, “Made in China 2025” and “German Industry 4.0” were put forwarded. MOBA (Dalian) Automatic Control System Co. Ltd., as subsidiary Company in China of German brand in intelligent control field serves Chinese market and manufactures in long term. The purpose of this forum is to build a platform between "made in China" and "made in Germany" to communicate and interact with each other in the form of club.


MOBA (Dalian) Mobile Automation Control System Co. Ltd. General Manager Sun Yuyuan said, through the application of whole process intelligent control and internet, the brand property which represents the quality is superior to the manufacturing site property.

Remote service and intelligent control  promote production quality

Dr.Holger Barthel, vice president of MOBA Germany, elaborated on the implementation of information technology, cloud technology, big data, smart sensors, APP applications, Internet and intelligent peripherals, and interpreted the core value of "made in China 2025". He believes that the core value of "China made 2025" is to improve the innovation ability of Chinese enterprises and improve the production quality of Chinese enterprises.


Dr.Holger Barthel, vice president of MOBA Germany, said that the potential of information technology is huge. It will bring a great industrial revolution to integrate information technology into production.

He emphasized that the common sense of this idea and "German industry 4.0" was the linkage of industry and information technology. For example, the German MOBA group, through the application of information technology, makes it interconnected in various branches of the world. They make use of remote service and intelligent control system to update the software of the global manufacturing units synchronously, reduce the manual participation in manufacturing process, and further improve the quality of product production. In order to provide cutting-edge technology to Chinese users and make their products more intelligent and reliable, MOBA Dalian's R & D, production, testing and service links are consistent with the headquarters of MOBA group.

Internet+intelligent manufacturing  open new era of cooperation

Zhandong Shen, vice general manager of SCMC made a report on behalf of SCMC. He said that a new era of the leading professional company mutual cooperation and win-win cooperation will be created with the help of Internet plus intelligent manufacturing and through market segmentation and integration of resources.

Using the "2+2" model to create a "technology leading, no destruction"

Hui Xu, vice manager of XCMG road machinery business department communicated with the present guests about the current macro policy of "made in China 2025" and the current situation and future development direction of XCMG intelligent manufacturing



                                          vice general manager of SCMC Zhandong Shen     Hui Xu, vice manager of XCMG


Customers will benefit from digital services

As paving and compaction machinery expert who had participated in management of Shenda highway construction, Prof.Dr.-Ing.Alfred Ulrich shared the concept of “service 4.0”, he revealed how the "digital service" is applied to engineering practice through the "strategy", "structure", "cultural support" three element. At the same time, he showed the engineering quality control methods based on more intelligent data acquisition, construction monitoring, equipment management, fault solving and other ways, and how Chinese manufacturers and users benefit from this new technology and service method.


The head of the “Cologne Institute of Construction Machines” of the Cologne University of Applied Science Prof.Dr.-Ing.Alfred Ulrich said that Chinese machinery manufacturers and users will benefit from digital services.


An intelligent factory needs to be customized

Mr. Rene Galbavy, General manager of Smart manufacturing centre of STAUFEN.SHANGHAI Consulting Academy Ltd interpretated the planning system of “industry 4.0” and intelligent manufacturing, some of the misunderstanding of the people and the necessary conditions for the establishment of intelligent factories. In addition, he also shared the advanced experience of SEW group in intelligent logistics and production assembly with the participants. Clear rules, detailed cases, objective analysis and rational suggestions have aroused the consistent resonance of the present guests.


Mr. Rene Galbavy, General manager of Smart manufacturing centre of STAUFEN.SHANGHAI Consulting Academy Ltd said that different products and enterprises at different stages are suitable for different intelligent factory plans.

Participants have said that the "made in China 2025" meets "German industry 4.0" MOBA 2017 Dalian International Forum held successfully built the communication platform for excellent enterprises and senior management personnel in intelligent manufacturing field for both China and Germany. The experience sharing of excellent enterprises and the exchange of foreign leading experts will inevitably promote the transformation and upgrading of Chinese engineering machinery enterprises.

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