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MCA500 --- perfect solution for customer

MOBA Roller Compaction Assistance System MCA-500

---application of MCA500 in Chinese Road Construction in 2016

It is clearly stated that “pay attention to technological innovation and application of information technology, effectively promote and implement modern construction management” in “several opinions on strengthening highway and waterway construction quality and safe management” of China Communication Ministry in November of 2014.

In order to strictly implement the requirements of “government uses information management tools, to strengthen the monitoring during and after the construction project, effectively promote and implement modern construction management”, necessary real-time monitoring for important indicators through information technology must be done in the process of construction for further improvement of the construction quality and ensure the effectiveness of investment.

MOBA Roller Intelligent compaction assistance system MCA500 provides perfect solution for customer. From the end of 2015, you can see the actual application of MCA500 in many construction sites in China.

September of 2015 Binzhou Shandong China BOMAG RollerModelBW203 AD

December of 2015 Chengdu Sichuan China DYNAPAC RollerModelCC6200

March of 2016 Chengdu Sichuan China DYNAPAC RollerModelCC6200

March of 2016 Zhengzhou Henan China DYNAPAC RollerModel

March of 2016 Guangzhou Guangdong China HAMM Roller

  • Improve construction quality

Real time data collection monitoring ensures the construction process meet the specification. When the system detects the construction process, construction technology and project standard deviation, roller operator can find problems in time, and correct construction process deviation in time. At the same time, avoid the phenomenon of over compaction and under compaction in the construction process so that the real time quality control of construction process comes true.

  • Enhance the efficiency

Through the real-time data collection and monitoring of roller construction, optimize the compaction times, reduce the waste of construction resources, so as to improve the efficiency of construction.

Now not only the construction units choose MCA-500, but also the roller manufactures(such as Liu Gong) and many roller dealers take MCA-500 as matching equipment of roller and sell to customer together.

Until now, we have sold 10 units MCA-500 this year and it is estimated that sales will be 30 units this year.

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