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Ring-road project for Afghanistan

Highway 1 or A01, formally called the Ring Road, is the construction of a 2,200 kilometre two lane road network circulating inside Afghanistan, connecting the following major cities (clockwise): Mazar, Kabul, Kandhar, Farah, and Herat in the west or northwest.

Cinderella Corporation has successfully finished the preparing of the base course with the use of our GS506 Grader system as well as accomplished the first kilometres of paving using MOBA Matic Big Sonic Ski. The ministry of Afghani road construction visited the pivotal project at the end fo this year and gave our customer an excellent feedback for the first 55 km.

Mister Azim, CEO and founder of Cinderella Corporation has been congratulated by the whole Ministry for setting a new paving standard in Afghanistan.

“(Mister Zubadih, Ministry of Infrastructure) We have not seen this excellent level of paving quality in Afghanistan before.”

“(Mister Azim, CEO of Cinderella) The MOBA Big Sonic Ski provided accurate smoothness that no other contractor in this project was able to deliver” .

MOBA and Cinderella are looking forward to complete the project in 2016 and beyond.

We will keep you up-to-date!

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