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Test track extension at MOBA

time is running, requirements are changing. To keep up, companies need to be progressive and innovative. Beside the fact, that this needs to have many ideas and future thinking employees and departments, you also have to have the right mindset throughout your whole team.

We at MOBA definitely have that. Our worldwide subsidiaries-, dealers-, universities- and our end customer network are working hand in hand with us. Feedback exchange is the key. We are always open for input and discussions. To realize projects and products a test track is essential. Last week we finally extended our test track. Our BOMAG Paver was equipped with all our actual technologies from our released products to innovation projects and research projects. Pave-IR for Thermal Profiling, Pave-TM for Thickness Measurement, the Big Ski and 3D Paving for perfect smoothness and slopes. All the data was recorded and stored for post analysis.

Two interesting days for our team and our partners. It was also nice for me to see a lot of MOBA employees from all our different departments joining our jobsite and showing their interest. Explaining the process of paving and paving quality to colleagues from order processing, manufacturing and other departments was also something special.

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