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XSite Easy Demonstration

The XSite Easy is the entry product of our XSite family.

The Xsite® EASY 2D system measures depth, range and incline of the bucket, as well as depicts the bucket position graphically and numerically on the display. Using this information, the machine operator always knows the exact position, and work progress. This allows the operator to work exactly according to plan, precisely implementing the specifications.


The follwoing picture show a demonstration in India in progress. In this example XSite Easy is installed on a SANY excavator.

Task was the creation of river water trench. With the XSite system working based on predefined slopes and grades is accurate, simple and time saving.

The XSite system works with simple graphics and an additional LED lighting bar that supports operator to keep on grader with minimum effort. The operator can use the display and/or just orientate the bucket based on the LED display.



Working at nigth made (XSIte) "EASY"

The display shows the operator the exact position of the bucket and thus allows accurate working without being able to see the boom or bucket. This is also a great advantage when working under water. All our sensors and cables are (salt) water proof.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


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