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Marc Pascual Barrera
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Pascual Barrera
Castellar del Vallès
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mpascual added new blog post

More beautiful, faster and powerful… more MOBA! Main new features in Mawis U2: o Completely renewed look: new logo, new colour palette, new icons, … o Redesign of the entire interface to get a more friendly, agile and intuitive use. o Increase of sp
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We want to thank your visit to our booth in Smart City Expo BCN 2016 and the interest shown by our solutions for Smart Cities, the management software for urban services and MAWIS WASTE SMART system: The first tool to provide a complete solution for waste
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Thousands of tourists once more have descended on the Balearic Islands, hungry for sun and delighted to spend their holidays at the sunny seaside. And tourism is an important economic factor for the islands' year-round inhabitants. All the more important t
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The board for innovation and circular economy of municipal waste management in Spain (Grupo de Reflexión sobre Innovación y Economía Circular en la Gestión de Residuos) has elaborated 10 key ideas to improve costs for prevention, reutilisation and recyclin
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Last week MOBA SPAIN offered a Workshop for all MOBA GROUP in order to teach the functionality and features of MAWIS U2.0 software, MAWIS Pocket App’s and utilities about Filling Level Sensor (FLS 100). This workshop had two trainers: Jordi Gonzalez a
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mpascual added new blog post

Ultrasonic technology is used in smart waste management solutions. In 2030, almost two thirds of the world’s population will be living in cities. This fact requires thedevelopment of sustainable solutions for urban life already nowadays. Efficien
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mpascual wrote
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Last week MOBA and dealer TECMASERM showed at II Salón de máquinas de carreteras y obras and #Innovacarretera (Zaragoza, Spain) The MOBA PAVE-IR™ Scan quality control system with Big Sonic Ski with 4 Sensors on a VOLVO Asphalt paver. We had a lot of visitors and interest about MOBA technologies for…
01.07.2015 08:00
Zaragoza, Zaragoza, Spain
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