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A small box keep care for a big machine

The MOBA Ignition box IS-03 was designed to check the ignition and control the temperature at construction machines. The main application field is to control the temperature at the paver screed on a gas flame control for paver screed heater.


But you can use this box also for other application. Such as the machine OEM MADROG 


The MADROG Company, was established and started its activity in the production, service and repairs of the road machinery in 1985.
They offer a wide sequence of modern road machines. Most of them are computer controlled which is vital for the both machine control and repair quality.
They produce a wide range of machines designed to work with the use of bitumen emulsion like sprinklers, patchers and “kombains” for partial repair of the road surface, for example, as well as other machines like grit spreaders, asphalt boilers, multifunctional machines. For these machines is it necessary to have an precise and reliable ignition box which control the gas flame for to heat up the bitumen material to the right temperature.

The MOBA Ignition box IS-03 has following function:

• The actual temperature of the screed will be detected with a temperature sensor.
• If the measured temperature should be lower than the setpoint value, the ignition box IS-03 will open the gas valve and ignite for 10 seconds. The combustion of the gas   mixture will be detected by the spark plug.
• In this case the gas valve will stay open and the screed / device will heat up until reach the set value. If the flame goes out during the operation ignition starts again for 10 seconds, until the desired temperature is reached, the gas valve will shut off.
• If no flame was recognized the gas valve will shut off and an alarm output will be activated.
• To repeat the ignition procedure after an alarm interruption, switch off power voltage and start again via switching on the voltage.




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