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Applying MOBA Innovation During the Pandemic

COVID-19 is a major challenge to our society. It threatens not only health, but also the global economy. When faced with the ongoing pandemic, MOBA decided to approach these challenges internally with our drive for innovation– and thanks to foresightedness of the management and the commitment of the employees, we were able to continue running smoothly. Was it easy? Of course not, but we’d like to share our approach in hopes of helping others.

We began with identifying where we could make the biggest gains in personal safety. As an example, our employees in the manufacturing departments are working independently with adequate distancing measures and on staggered shifts to reduce the amount of people on shift at one time. This, along with proper sanitization methods of our workspaces and facilities, helped to provide a safe working environment for our employees to allow for continued service.

A Challenge for IT

With more employees working from home, our IT infrastructure had to rise to the occasion to make sure everyone could successfully do so. Thankfully, our internal strategy in the last few years was built to allow internet-based working structures and the developed the whole IT structure to be able to work together from different locations around the world. It was a global team effort that required a lot of collaboration and innovative measures to sync the various platforms we utilize that results in employees staying productive and customer’s needs being met.


Focusing on the Positive Side

Keeping a positive mindset is challenging when faced with a global pandemic and the anxiety that can come with the uncertainty, but we saw the importance to highlight how these changes in how we work can have positive effects as well as we worked to innovate and meet these unique challenges.
1.    Digitalization throughout the whole company was accelerated. This is the case for communication, information exchange, conferences as well as trainings. The positive development of this digital progress expands to an almost paper-free office and a reduced carbon footprint.

2.    Projects that sometimes get put on the backburner in the daily working routine can now be driven forward with more attention as many meetings and appointments were moved or delayed, we now can focus our time more efficiently.

3.    Less environmental pollution: by working from home, the journey to the office is not necessary, which means a lot of employees do not drive to the company with their vehicles and our office energy and waste demands were reduced.

4.    Investing in the future: MOBA invests a lot in the future, especially in these difficult times. Not only into IT systems and digital solutions, but also by adding highly talented employees.

5.    Added balance: with schools and childcare being closed and the kids are at home, it was important to offer greater flexibility so that employees can arrange family and work schedules. When our employees feel supported at work with the current challenges, it greatly helps to reduce the anxiety and mental stress of trying to juggle home life and work. Everyone has had to make adjustments and MOBA wanted to be a positive partner to our employees.


 We know that this has been difficult, and it can be hard to see the news everyday around the world. By doing what we can here at MOBA and tapping into our internal culture of innovation, we know that we can continue to rise to the occasion and continue to build a company where our employees see and feel their value and safety as they actively contribute to our success.

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