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Paving new Vietnamese Formula 1 racetrack with MOBA’s PAVE-IR


In April the first Formula One race ever should have taken place in Vietnam. Sadly, Corona has upset these plans and the race in Hanoi was delayed to a date that has yet to be defined.

Nevertheless, the racetrack was finished in time, and the pavers that paved the whole track were equipped with MOBA’s PAVE-IR system for temperature detection during paving. Altogether six Dynapac pavers were equipped with MOBA’s PAVE-IR thermal scan system and they also used the proven MOBA technology of Sonic-Skis.

PAVE-IR: Thermal visualization of asphalt installation in real time

Construction works on the Hanoi Street Circuit started in the beginning of 2019 and in October 2019 the construction staff was trained on PAVE-IR, a special but yet very simple to operate system, before paving started.


PAVE-IR allows a thermal visualization of the installation process in real time. Therefor the high-precision IR temperature scanner MTPS-100 provides a wide thermal profile of the built-in layer of up to 13 meters width. The visualization offers the possibility to detect points which might be affected by thermal segregation. With this information the construction company can react immediately.


Adrenaline and action: an exciting racetrack

About one third of the track was newly built, while the rest of the route is on public streets that have already been present. But of course they also had to be completely paved as they had not been constructed for Formula 1 races. In February 2020 the whole track was completed.


With 1.5 kilometers length, the racetrack includes one of the longest straights of Formula 1 racetracks. Here the drivers can go on full speed, that means up to 335km/h and here are also the stands for the 35.000 spectators.


It also features 23 bends that shall grant spectacular races. The Hanoi Street Circuit was designed by racetrack architect Hermann Tilke. Originally it should have taken place April 5th 2020, but as it was postponed because of Corona pandemic, let’s hope that soon the bolides speed through Hanoi.

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