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Benefits of 3D excavator machine control in renovation projects

Interview with a contractor about the benefits of machine control in renovation projects.


teemu_tervahauta 08.12.2015 4 1727
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  •  teemu_tervahauta: 
    In general, the bigger the project, the bigger the benefits. For example, when you know exactly how much you need to cut and fill, saving in material costs can be really big in large earth works projects.
    But as the contractor explains, it is worthwhile to use 3D machine control also at smaller jobsites. No stakes needed, less workers needed, less waiting for other people, design models provide valuable information to the operator, possibility to store as-built data with the machine, improved work quality... All these apply to small projects as well."
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  •  bmarx: 
    This is really a very good practical job report. It shows benefits which most of the potential buyers are not aware. The client was very clever when he tendered this job for hourly rates, so he got benefit from the new technology too.
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  •  dejunhou: 
    Excavator control system has a good sales experience in Europe,as the sale of chinese area,What I should learn from your experience?

    best regards
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  •  jutta: 
    Teemu Tervahauta 3D is often seen most beneficial for bigger projects. I thought it was interesting to get the contractor's perspective on 3D seeing great benefits for very small construction sites. This also means that a contractor needs a tons of smaller jobs or being specialized in it to justify the costs, doesn't it?
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