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Bolívia joins to other countries that already use our fantastic tool BSS

Big Sonic Ski in Bolívia,

With the excellent work and persistence of our distributor GRUPO VALAG, in particular Mr. Sérgio Valenzuela, Bolívia joins other Latin American countries that have already got the efficiency of our levelling control system "Big Sonic Ski".


At present, this country has a number of important road infrastructure works under way, and some of the European construction companies that are carrying out these works, namely Portuguese and some Spanish companies, as they are already aware of this type of technology, they are acquiring equipment for use in their machines.

They know that using this kind of technology can minimize fuel expenses, material and time of execution, increasing the quality of the work, thus allowing in the future to get more construction works.


The photos above were kindly provided by Eng Sérgio Valenzuela from Grupo VALAG S.R.L., Thank you Mr. Sérgio

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