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Customer Training on the new test ground in Limburg

On the new training site at the headquarters in Limburg, MOBA organizes different costumer trainings during the year - for costumers with different experience levels on MOBA technologies and different interests. We invite groups with the same interests and the same level of experience and organize a special training for them. The more advanced the training contents are, the smaller the group should be in order to make sure that everybody gets the most out of the training.


Last month, there was a complex dealer training for 3D machine controls for excavators, graders and dozers for our dealer Korrus Tech. from Russia.  The main goal was to get them the maximum of knowledge and experience on MOBA technologies to be a good, competent product supporter in their local area. The length of this training was the whole week.

The company "Korrus-Tech, Inc." was founded in 1997. The main activity of the company is the supply of road construction and construction machinery and equipment, spare parts and consumables from Finland, Italy, Germany, Eastern Europe and the USA. This company is one of MOBA’s most successful dealers in the world. 

“Road construction machinery from Europe is of high quality and reliability and is very popular. Modern road construction equipment makes it possible to reduce effort and time in an easy and safe manner, significantly increasing the productivity of all works in the enterprise. With the help of various models of road engineering, various complex tasks on erecting various objects are effectively solved. It is worth noting the constant increase in the volume of construction in our time, which inevitably leads to an increased demand for road machinery”

does the Managing Director Mr. Polisaev say during the CTT 2017 exhibition in Moscow these days.

The acquisition of road construction equipment is not an easy task and requires some experience. For this reason, they invest time and money for the education of their service engineers.

In the last training field engineers from Moscow, Tumen, Kemerovo and Kazan participated to be prepared for local installations and trainings in these areas of Russia.

The field engineers are now able to make a complete installation, set up all parameters and they are also ready to give the end costumer the final support including trouble shooting if necessary.

It was nice having you as our guests! You are welcome anytime!

We are very happy to be able to provide such trainings for anyone who would like to get some tips and tricks from our machine control experts. We always learn from those trainings as well. Please, don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in an individual training. We would love to invite you to our training site!

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