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First interview on the television channel TV Norte (PERU)

...And we have now reached the goal!

Below you can find the first interview of our client Geolaser and Moba (represented by me) on the television channel TV Norte, broadcasting in 7 major regions and covering more than half the agricultural area of this Latin American country.

As of now the next mission/target, which we have already begun to work on, is a TV and radio coverage, in a SHOW of equipment and solutions installed in machines, in the agricultural field, the so-called OPEN DAY, with complimentary food and beverages for the guests. Thus they can see, touch and test our technology, quality and trustworthiness. Furthermore, the first seeds released some time ago are giving their first fruits. What is more, with this type of advertising, we are focusing on harvesting much bigger outcomes. I will keep you up to date!

...Broadening the horizons, so the sky is the limit...

hmendes 26.04.2018 0 970
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