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Intelligent Compaction Rollers Outsmart Soil and Asphalt | Construction Equipment

Intelligent Compaction Rollers Outsmart Soil and Asphalt | Construction Equipment

What are incentives for using Intelligent Compaction Systems? Who is actually using them? What have industry experts to say?

Great article and summary where we stand as an industry today. Obstacles to overcome are stillhigh pricing, overall usability challenges and unsolved density/stiffness correlation. Volvo's new stiffness measurement system has been introduced at WOA this year but has not led to higher acceptance of compaction systems either. Contractors' buy-in still heavily depends on specifications, though pass-counting features are seen as most valuable according to the article.

What is your opinion? Do you agree or disagree?

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    Measuring acceleration, so called stiffness values or intelligent values, what is that? Who pays for them? What is the purpose?
    When using this value to interpret the compaction progress, than you are on the right track. You can easily see if the values are changing or if they are stable. Based on your experience you can define now were to take control measurements, with the nuclear gage, for example, in order to detect the achieved density. Depending on the values, you can optimize your compaction efforts. More passes, less passes, changing amplitude or frequency.

    Accepting These facts than RCS will led in the first step that: The contractor saves money due to reduced compaction efforts. Less passes – less rollers – pays back soon. The DOT will benefit from homogenous and reliable compaction. Surface covering compaction reports is an excellent tool to insure and control quality.

    Why it is difficult to establish this Technology in the market?
    All powerful market leader in GNSS technology recognizing the market for roller systems as a very big one. In order to generate highest possible turnover and margin they are pushing hard for the use of RTK-GNSS systems and as well for the use of CAD road designs. This leads to higher investments and more difficult to use systems. Actually, with the consequence those potential customers are insecure what the future will bring and stay away from buying.
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    Reading an article about IC is painful!
    What does Intelligent Compaction mean?
    My Definition is: If something happen during compaction a system is able to take Action without the influence of the human, operating the machine.
    Therefore, I agree to the following statement:
    “When BOMAG introduced ist intelligent-compaction systems some 20 years ago in Europe,” says Bert Erdmann, director of engineering/product manager for heavy compaction, “we defined ‘intelligence’ as the drum’s ability to regulate amplitude in order to avoid
    over-compaction and to prevent the drum from jumping when its energy could no longer be absorbed. But the industry, especially in the United States, has shifted away from that definition to more of a mapping-function definition—reporting pass counting, temperature, and perhaps stiffness values.”

    Most of the systems in the market are “Roller Guidance Systems” They are mapping passes, temperature and stiffness and view them on a display. Based on GNSS positioning it is possible to generate reports that allocate the collected values to the position. They generate a map for the operator that supports him not to get lost during compaction in counting passes and remembering on which place he has been how often. This measure leads to higher efficiency and to a homogenous compaction.
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