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MOBA Corp. Introduces the New XLift™ Weighing System at US Waste Expo

In North America, weighing front-load garbage bins is fairly easy for commercial waste haulers. Getting consistent and accurate customer weight information to monitor profitability is a different story.

While on-board scales are not new, the current problem facing waste haulers in the US and Canada is utilizing this technology to effectively gather information on weights (and profitability) per pickup per account. Expecting the driver to write down, print, or confirm on an OBC tablet the correct customer weight data is one issue. Drivers already have many responsibilities and making information gathering an additional responsibility leads to incomplete and inaccurate data matching.

The other issue comes when the hauling company has to become a “scale expert”. Scale calibration and maintenance is time consuming. Often scales are either not working after a short time in the field or they lose accuracy due to a lack of ongoing calibration. Having fleet and maintenance managers worrying about on-board scale upkeep is inefficient since they already have many other urgent priorities. Erroneous weight data that has no real value for account profitability decisions makes a commercial hauler’s investment in an on-board scale system underused, or quite often, not used at all.

MOBA is introducing an exciting solution to the North American waste management industry. The XLift™ system is a new way to think about weighing front load containers AND profitability. Since the complete mobile weighing – smart data system (hardware, electronics, and software) is manufactured and integrated by MOBA, the data transfer and scale maintenance problems are solved. This makes it possible to take the driver out of the equation and remote diagnostics enable MOBA to help keep downtime at a minimum. The benefits include:

  • Accurate weigh-in-motion system, no driver interaction needed
  • Simple bolt-on scale design
  • Highly accurate scale-to-office software
  • GPS matching to assign correct weights to each account
  • Cloud based reporting
  • Full picture of profitability per account

MOBA also introduces Weight as a Service (WaaS™), a complete XLift™ system for a single monthly fee. This service enables the waste hauler for one monthly fee to collect weights of each container, to have MOBA’s Mawis U2.0 cloud software match the weight to an account and to have that information quickly available in the office. The waste hauler receives a tool to monitor profitability based on picked up weight of each account without the hassle. MOBA installs the scale on the truck and takes care of its maintenance, the driver has to do nothing but drive and the software matches the weight to the account based on location. With WaaS™, the hauler receives a tool, which makes it possible to monitor profitability per account continuously and make business decisions based on solid, complete data with one monthly fee per truck.

MOBA exhibits at Waste Expo (7th to 9th June 2016) in Las Vegas at booth 812

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  •  jerrymac: 
    Hi Climent. Thanks for your comment. Yes, there is a minimum time. Depending on the customer and situation it could be more or less but typically a 1 year minimum. I will email more information to you.
    Thanks for your wishes and the best to you and your talented team!
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  •  climent: 
    Hi Jerry, WaaS is a very interesting idea and concept. Is there a minimum time the customer has to commit to contract WaaS? Is there available a catalogue or leaflet for the XLift system?
    We wish you very good time and success in Las Vegas!
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