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In Italy the high frequency (UHF) RFID reading mode is now widespread in the identification market of waste containers. It seems that italian market is bound more and more towards high frequency as main demand and interest. That's why all our main (and worse) competitors are offering these products with low cost solutions.

Most of the visits to our stand, are involved, by the collection companies, to prepare tenders and public procurement. Almost everyone is interested in getting information for the use of high frequency and the calculation of ""PAYT tariff"", but we know that this is very difficult using UHF frequency, due to lack ""systematic"" certainty to identify each emptying.

Our "mission" is to inform that only the low-frequency combined with the use of certified systems allows the calculation described above and Moba has all the requirements for this technology, but it seems that the market is going on the direction of the high frequency and we are forced to follow it.

For this reason it becomes more and more necessary to have products and low cost UHF solutions integrated, in the way to offer every time when is not possible to ""push"" our prefered LF technology .

On the positive side, even if Italy is still missing of a general regulation that unifies the territory from the environmental point of view, the market react to the importance of tracking and monitoring the waste collection service.

Our final cosideration is we are facing a market in full development where there is space and opportunity (by the right solutions) to be successful.

And we will.

stefano 04.12.2015 0 3054
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